Here’s why there are no team names on The Apprentice yet

A candidate from the current series revealed why we haven't seen a naming debate so far

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Lord Sugar with The Apprentice Candidates of 2018. Lord Sugar - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

The A Team, First Forte, The Winners: all brilliantly cringe-inducing team names previously suggested by candidates on BBC’s Apprentice (in fact, First Forte was actually used by the girls’ side in series one).


But sadly, no fantastically outlandish suggestions have been made during the first two episodes of the 2018 series, with candidates not seen picking team names on screen. Viewers even took to Twitter to voice their disappointment after the usual ritual was cut.

However, did the candidates actually choose team names and then was this segment cut from the show for some reason? Not according to David Alden, who was fired from the show in week two.

Speaking to, Alden said that not only were the candidates not asked to think up a team name, but that none of the candidates questioned it at the time. “It was only after I left I noticed,” he said. “Honestly, there are so many things going on. It’s long days, little food and you’ve got so much to think about already that it never occurred to me.”

Show insiders remain mysteriously tight-lipped about whether they’ll return, telling us simply “you’ll have to wait and see!”. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean team names will be completely missing from this series.

Could we see candidates argue over some truly mad monikers in coming episodes? Perhaps when the teams become mixed gendered later on?


Or could the naming process entail something completely different this year? We’ll be hoping the task is put to Lord Sugar after an especially dreadful performance from the candidates: who wouldn’t want team Pillocks take on team Completely Bloody Useless?

The Apprentice will air weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1

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