Olly Murs saw a therapist after live X Factor presenting blunder

The host was given such a hard time for one of his mistakes that he sought therapy

Olly Murs The Voice UK

Olly Murs has revealed that he went to see a therapist after a live presenting blunder he made while working on The X Factor.


The mistake in question occurred during the 2015 series, when the former host prematurely announced that contestant Monica Michael was going home before the results had been confirmed.

The backlash from the press and on social media was so bad that Murs sought therapy to deal with it.

The singer, who says he “laughed off” the mistake at the time, told the Evening Standard: “The papers didn’t laugh it off – they made a massive deal about it. The media attention and the social media aspect upset me the most.

“They really tried to take me to the cleaners. They tried to make me lose my job over a silly, small mistake.”

Murs and co-presenter Caroline Flack departed The X Factor after one series as the show’s main presenters, with Murs saying at the time “I want to concentrate 100% on making my next album and getting back to performing.”

But he now reveals the return to music wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped. “When I went back to singing, it made me overthink what I was doing: ‘I’m going to forget the lyrics, what I’m doing …’ So that was something I needed to speak to a therapist about. And I’m not scared to admit that – that’s the stigma that men have.”

Murs also spoke about the criticism he received after he tweeted that he had heard gunfire while shopping in London’s Selfridges department store on Oxford Street.

“Piers Morgan and the guys jumped on it massively,” he said. “People can say what they want, and I’m not embarrassed at all – I’m more embarrassed for the people who tweeted or made a joke about it.

“I can speak for the 400, 500, 1,000 people who were in Selfridges that day – everyone went mental. I’m running for my life because I’m thinking someone’s behind me, shooting…


“I’ll never speak to Piers Morgan again because he was bang out of order… it was pathetic.”