When is The Big Audition on TV? How does it work?

The Big Audition lifts up the red velvet curtains to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at auditions

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The Big Audition on ITV

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You only need a quick glance at your TV schedules to see the volume of reality contests on our screens.


From The X Factor to Britain’s Got Talent, it appears we are a nation obsessed with watching auditionees try their luck at landing a prize.

So step forward ITV’s brand new The Big Audition – which follows a series of hopefuls as they showcase their talents in front of a panel of judges as they hope to land their dream role.

Here’s everything you need to know…

When does The Big Audition start on TV?

The first episode of six-part series The Big Audition launches on Friday 5th October at 9pm on ITV.

What’s The Big Audition about?

Think a mix between Britain’s Got Talent and The Job Interview, The Big Audition shows people auditioning for real jobs in the hope of landing a big break.

The roles on offer are varied, and viewers are treated to hopefuls gunning to become circus performers, stunt doubles, and even dog models.

The Big Audition (Twenty Twenty, ITV, KB)
Will any of these hopefuls land their role?

Naturally, for such varied roles, viewers will also meet a series of larger than life characters – including tour guide William who is chowing down on burgers to fatten himself up for a role as King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace, and dog Daisy-May – the one-eyed pooch who doesn’t like having her picture taken.

Made by the same team behind First Dates, the show aims to chronicle “the highs and lows” of actors and presenters of all abilities as they try to land roles.

The series also features input from casting agents who analyse why some candidates land their dream role – and why others fall flat on their faces.

“I have always loved auditions, but the chance to peel back the layers even further, and to do it in a fixed rig way, felt back-to-basics and I loved it from the moment I heard the pitch,” ITV’s Head of Entertainment Siobhan Greene said.


“I hope the audience at home will also lap up getting to see something they’ve only seen done on the big entertainment juggernauts, now done like this.”