Jodie Whittaker teases “iconic” Doctor Who moments in her very first episode

One of the very first things the new Doctor filmed was a defining moment for the Time Lord

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who series 11 (BBC, HF)

Jodie Whittaker and the Doctor Who team are keeping pretty tight-lipped about what we can expect from the first episode of the new series, which debuts on Sunday 7th October and is set to introduce the Thirteenth Doctor to the world as she crash-lands in Sheffield.


However, speaking to on the red carpet, Whittaker was able to tease one or two things about series opener The Woman Who Fell to Earth – including the fact that there’ll be some truly “iconic” pieces of dialogue from her character that pay tribute to the Doctor’s past.

“I think the first time you say anything iconic – without giving any spoilers – but I think when you say your character’s name that’s quite a moment,” Whittaker told in a new video interview (above), adding that this particular moment came “pretty early on in the proceedings” during filming for episode one (due to the fact that the episode wasn’t shot in chronological order).

“It was incredible just to have this idea of what this job could be and then be experiencing it live and present, and with this company,” she added.

Meanwhile, showrunner Chris Chibnall suggested that even bigger moments are also to come in the series premiere, with the pair’s first day of filming including high-stakes stunts that are sure to be a highlight of the episode.

“We also started with something really big,” Chibnall told us.

“We were outside and it was night, and it was cold, and there were stunts. So our first day on set was us going ‘Ohhh Ok. This is Doctor Who, this is big.’”

And more generally, Chibnall said fans had plenty to look forward to in the all-new series.

“I hope you’re gonna have a really great series of Doctor Who,” he said.

“I hope it’s gonna be fun and entertaining and scary and emotional. The thing you’ve never seen before is Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, and she absolutely rocks it.”

Overall, we’re thinking this sounds like an adventure that was worth waiting for…


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Sunday 7th October