Jodie Whittaker surprising Doctor Who fans is probably the sweetest thing you’ll watch all week

The Thirteenth Doctor snuck up on Who fans and gave them the shock of their lives

Doctor Who (screenshot, EH)

Jodie Whittaker surprising Doctor Who fans is the video you didn’t know you needed.


While unsuspecting Whovians recorded videos talking about Whittaker’s takeover of the role of the Time Lord, the actress snuck up behind them – and the results are an absolute delight.

There’s squealing, hand-flapping, hugging and tears when fans realise that the Thirteenth Doctor is right there in the room with them and that she’d been listening in the whole time. Watch the heartwarming video below.

Some of the fans took to Twitter to share the memory, describing it as the “surprise of a lifetime”.

The video comes ahead of Whittaker’s full debut as the Doctor in October.

On Monday her first episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, premiered  in Sheffield, where Whittaker posed with 12 other identical Time Lords and hit the red carpet with the rest of the cast.


Doctor Who series 11 premieres on BBC1 on 7th October