Billie Piper tells off the BBC for ruining her birthday with classic Doctor Who moment

A BBC account posted the wrong video to celebrate the star's big day


It was enough for Doctor Who to banish Billie Piper to an alternate universe during her run as companion Rose Tyler. Now they’ve gone and rubbed it in on her birthday.


To celebrate the star turning 36, the official Twitter account for BBC’s iPlayer posted a throwback video to series two finale Doomsday.

In case you don’t remember, it’s the episode where Rose endures the battle of Canary Wharf before becoming trapped in a parallel earth known by Whovians as Pete’s World. It’s there where she says an emotional goodbye to a hologram of David Tennant’s Doctor, which seemingly cuts out as the Time Lord is about to confess his love for her.

Overall, it’s a bit of a party mood killer. Not just our thoughts, but those of Piper herself who joked that the tweet had ruined her birthday.

We would recommend that BBC iPlayer immediately jumps in the Tardis, hops back in time and posts an altogether cheerier message, but the time machine is currently in use by Jodie Whittaker, who’s about to kick-start her first series.

Looks like they’re just going to have to reflect on their mistake and hopefully not post a video of the weeping angels killing off Amy Pond in front of the Eleventh Doctor for Matt Smith’s birthday next month.


Doctor Who series 11 premieres on BBC1 on 7th October