Philomena Cunk star Diane Morgan asks for help getting to awards ceremony after her passport is stolen

"Anyone know someone at HM Passport Office?"


Diane Morgan’s spoof history show Cunk on Britain has been nominated for an international TV award.


There’s only one catch.

The actress and comedian, who rose to prominence as doltish interviewer Philomena Cunk in Charlie Brooker’s Wipe, has revealed that she’s currently unable to attend the Rose d’Or awards ceremony in Berlin as her passport has been stolen.

“The good news is Cunk on Britain is up for a Rose d’Or award,” Morgan posted on Twitter. “The bad news is, it’s tomorrow and my passport has been stolen so I can’t go.

“Anyone know someone at HM Passport office??”

Thankfully, after lots of helpful (and not so helpful) suggestions from Twitter followers, and a wait in “a loooong queue”, it appears that there’s a happy ending to the story…

Morgan’s BBC2 acclaimed parody series Cunk on Britain features the character’s trademark straight delivery and hilarious turns-of-phrases, including: “As well as a uterus, Mrs Thatcher had a vision,” and, “It was a particularly difficult time for the gluten intolerant, but thankfully, no one was yet middle class, so they just put up with it”.


Good luck in Berlin Philomena!