X Factor 2018: All the confirmed acts in the Judges’ Houses

Find out all about the acts who survived the Six Chair Challenge, from the Boys and Girls to the Groups and the Overs

The X Factor judges 2018

The X Factor live shows might be fast approaching, but the remaining acts must first impress at the Judges’ Houses round. Not only will they have to win over their mentor – either Simon Cowell (who’s leading The Girls), Louis Tomlinson (The Boys) Ayda Field (The Overs) or Robbie Williams (The Groups) – but also a celebrity guest.


Which acts will we see compete at this stage? Here’s who’s made it so far…

(This article will be updated as more acts are added to the Judges’ Houses line-up)

The Girls – mentored by Simon Cowell

Bella Penfold – Golden X act

First audition song: Fell in Love with a Boy (Joss Stone)

Six Chair Challenge song: Blinded by Your Grace (Stormzy)

Determined to show an “average joe can crack on and do what they wanna do”, the 19-year-old hotel singer from Essex blew away judges with her Joss Stone cover – all four panel members sent her through to the next round. And Bella did even better in the Six Chair Challenge, with mentor Simon Cowell slamming down on the Golden X button to see Penfold progress to the Judges’ Houses.

Georgia Burgess

First audition song: Who’s Loving You (The Jackson 5)

Six Chair Challenge song: Happy (Pharrell)

In her first audition, the 20-year-old temporary recruitment worker earned a standing ovation and some very high praise from Louis Tomlinson: “Out of everybody that we’ve seen, I’m gunna say it, that was my favourite. Great, great vocals!”

Georgia followed this up with a dramatic Six Chair Challenge, where she had to endure a sing-off with Shan. Fortunately for Georgia, both of the singers were gifted a spot at the Judges’ Houses.

Maria Laroco

First audition song: Purple Rain (Prince)

Six Chair Challenge song:  Purple Rain (Prince)

Seventeen-year-old Maria Laroco flew all the way from the Philippines to blow the judges away with her powerful rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain. She opted for the same song again for the Six Chair Challenge, a performance that saw her through to the Judges’ Houses – but only just. Simon replaced her with singer Jennifer Owens before reversing his decision.

Molly Scott 

First audition song: Man’s World (James Brown)

Six Chair Challenge song: Say Something (A Great Big World)

Sixteen-year-old Molly Scott showed whose world it really is with this rousing take on a James Brown classic. Four yeses very much deserved.

Molly faced quite a difficult Six Chair Challenge, with all seats taken by the time she got on stage. Fortunately for Molly, Simon deemed her good enough to replace Sephy Francisco.

Scarlett Lee 

First audition song: Never Enough (The Greatest Showman)

Six Chair Challenge song: Piece by Piece (Kelly Clarkson)

Having made it to the Six Chair Challenge last year, 20-year-old make-up artist Scarlett Lee initially returned with an original song called Survival. This, however, did not impress Simon Cowell, who asked her to perform another song. She chose Never Enough from the hit film The Greatest Showman. The rest, as they say, is four yeses.

Scarlett had an easier route through the Six Chair Challenge, with Simon offering the singer a seat after her Kelly Clarkson cover.


First audition song: Never be Enough (Loren Allred)

Six Chair Challenge song: Alive (Sia)

Another X Factor hopeful offering the judges a cover from The Greatest Showman soundtrack, Shan left all judges awestruck. Simon in particular was taken aback, saying: “When I am asked, ‘How can you do these shows year after year’, it’s for moments like this. I was genuinely blown away.”

Similarly, Shan blew away the head judge during her Six Chair Challenge cover of Sia’s Alive, prompting Simon to boot Georgia Burgess to make room for her (Georgia made it through the Six Chair Challenge anyway).

The Overs – mentored by Ayda Field

Ricky John – Golden X act

First audition song: Change is Gunna Come (Sam Cooke)

Six Chair Challenge song: Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding)

The 37-year-old carpenter from South West London was incredibly nervous before first taking to The X Factor stage. In fact, at one point it seemed like stage fright was going to get the better of him. However, Ricky managed to finish his performance with the audience and all judges on their feet. And surely Ricky has gained even confidence after judge Ayda Field selected him as her Golden X act in the Six Chair Challenge.

Louise Setar

First audition song: A Moment of Your Time (original song)

Six Chair Challenge song: Beautifully Unfurnished (Ella Henderson)

Saying she halted her music career for her family, 30-year-old cleaner Louise told judges that she was making another go of her dream. And her comeback to the stage went extremely well, with Louise earning four yeses with her original song A Moment of Your Time.

Louise opted for a cover for the Six Chair Challenge, singing Ella Henderson’s Beautifully Unfurnished. Again, Louise gave a performance applauded by the judges and the singer was handed a spot in the next round.

Olatunji Yearwood 

First audition song: Bodyline (Original song)

Six Chair Challenge song: Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5

Olatunji Yearwood flew all the way from Trinidad and Tobago for his ‘World Cup Final’ audition. He performed an original song called Bodyline that got four yeses from the judges.

His Six Chair Challenge also went pretty smoothly, with his Mambo No. 5 cover earning him the first in The Overs category.

Danny Tetley

First audition song: And I’m Telling You (Jennifer Hudson)

Six Chair Challenge song: The Show Must Go On (Queen)

Achieving four huge yeses with his cover of Jennifer Hudson’s And I’m Telling You, former Pop Idol contestant Danny gave another strong performance in the Six Chair Challenge. Taking to the stage after all seats were taken, Danny’s Queen cover convinced judge Ayda Field to replace singer Burgandy Williams with him.

Giovanni Spano

First audition song: Giovanni Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)

Six Chair Challenge song: Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)

Giovanni may have endured a rocky first audition – with Simon Cowell stopping the singer halfway through – but he rocked the judges come the Six Chair Challenge. With a cover of Led Zeppelin classic Whole Lotta Love, Giovanni managed to unseat fellow singer Claire Angel to gain a spot at the Judges’ Houses.

Janice Robinson

First audition song: Dreamer (Livin’ Joy)

Six Chair Challenge: Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin)

In arguably the best audition this series, Janice wowed the Judges by performing 90s dance anthem Dreamer – a song she originally performed with group Livin’ Joy. With four yeses, Janice went into the Six Chair Challenge, where wowed the panel again with an Aretha Franklin cover.

The Boys

Brendan Murray – Golden X act

First audition song: This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush)

Six Chair Challenge song: Everybody Hurts (R.E.M)

Brendan looked in serious trouble during his first audition, with the singer forgetting the lyrics to Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work. However, after completing the son,g he was given a standing ovation from the crowd and four yeses from the judges.

Fortunately, Brendan’s route in the Six Chair Challenge was much easier, with judge Louis Tomlinson pressing the Golden X button, guaranteeing him a spot in the judges’ houses.

Anthony Russell

First audition song:  Wake Me Up (Avicii)

Six Chair Challenge song: With a Little Help from my Friends (The Beatles)

Russell made it to the Judges’ Houses last year, but withdrew from the competition to ‘personal reasons’. However, looks Russell has a second shot in the show, making it to the same stage again, this time under mentor Louis Tomlinson.

Armstrong Martins

First audition song: Breaking Free (High School Musical soundtrack)

Six Chair Challenge song: Flying Without Wings (Westlife)

Impressing Judges with his heartfelt cover of a Disney classic in his first audition, Armstrong blew away the panel in the Six Chair Challenge with another unusual cover, this time turning his talents to Westlife’s Flying Without Wings.

Dalton Andre Harris

First audition song: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (Elton John)

The 24-year-old Jamaican said he prepared seven years for his first audition and luckily the practice paid off: he was given four yeses for his rousing rendition of Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. He covered another classic ballad in the Six Chair Challenge, gifting the crowd a stripped-down version of Prince’s Purple rain.


First audition song: Bullet in my heart (original song)

Six Chair Challenge song: I Feel Good (James Brown)

Although The BRIT School graduate opted to perform original song Bullet In My Heart in his first audition, J-Sol (real name Samuel Stephen Olatunbosun) offered judge Louis Tomlinson an extremely smooth cover of a James Brown classic in the Six Chair Challenge round.

But that wasn’t enough to secure him a spot in the Judges’ Houses alone, with J-Sol having to undertake a sing off with Thomas Pound. Fortunately, both J-Sol and Pound were offered a seat afterwards.

Thomas Pound/Lady Freida Wilde

First audition song: Simply the Best (Tina Turner)

Six Chair Challenge song: This Is Me (The Greatest Showman soundtrack)

Performing as Thomas Pound in his very first audition, it turned out the 20-year-old cleaner from Bridgend had an alternative persona: drag queen Lady Freida Wilde. In fact, Pound returned to the audition stage to showcase his alter ego and slayed the stage with an epic spilt.

After being sent through to the Six Chair Challenge, Pound performed another death drop, this time splitting his trousers. The stunt seemed to be worth it, however, with Louis Tomlinson handing Pound/Lady Freida a seat.

The Groups

Vibe 5

First audition song:  Just like Sweet Sense, Vibe 5 are another group that were manufactured following each member’s solo audition. You can see details of each first performance below.

Six Chair Challenge song: Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)


The group had only been put together two days before the Six Chair Challenge – and it really showed on stage. After their shaky performance, Judge Robbie Williams said: “Boys, I’m not going to lie: it was a mess.”

However, he added: “But so were Take That when we’d only been together for two days.” Williams then said he would take a risk on the group and offered them a chair.

Vibe 5 consists of…

Jon Guelas Not only did the Cambridge 18-year-old win over Ayda with his “beautiful” dimples, but Guelas earned four yeses with a cover of Lukas Graham’s 7 Years in his first audition.

Jack Tisdale The 16-year-old hasn’t appeared on the show yet with his audition never making it to air.

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Blaise Duncan Not only did the 16-year-old receive four yeses with his cover of Bailando by Enrique Iglesias, but his first audition performance was also posted by Iglesias himself on Instagram.

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Elliot Horne Thanks to his cute looks, the 18-year-old was well-received by the crowd in his first audition before he even started singing. However, he also left with four yeses after performing Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes.

Kieran Harrison – the 21-year-old’s audition may not have made it to air, but Kieran secretly let viewers know Vibe 5 made it through the Six Chair Challenge by recently photos from ‪Los Angeles – the location of Robbie’s Judges’ House.

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LMA Choir

First audition song: This Is Me (The Greatest Showman soundtrack)

Six Chair Challenge song: Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)

They may have been cut from BBC’s Pitch Battle in week 2, but the choir from Liverpool looked like potential winners after their first audition. Aged 19-40, the group blew away the judges with a pitch-perfect cover of Keala Settle’s This is Me, a hit from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

They impressed mentor Robbie Williams again at the Six Chair Challenge, earning his first seat with a cover of Sam Cooke’s Change is Gonna Come.

Sweet Sense

First audition song: Uh, it’s complicated. The groups actually didn’t audition together but were made into a band during the judges’ deliberation stage. You can see details of each bandmate’s audition below.

Six Chair Challenge song: Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars)


Performing in front of the Judges for the first time at the Six Chair Challenge, the new girl group impressed Robbie Williams with their Bruno Mars cover, upseating drag act The Squirrels to gain their spot in the Judges’ Houses.

Sweet Sense consists of…

Gaia Cauchi The 15-year-old from Malta made it through her first audition with a cover of Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith.

Ellie Grant This is the first time X Factor viewers have seen the 17 year old, her solo audition having been cut from the main show.

Kezia Povey The 15-year-old blew away the judges with her heartfelt cover of Calum Scott’s You Are The Reason, receiving four yeses.

Charlie and Billie Tomo The pair actually first auditioned as duo Dejavu (a performance which wasn’t aired). And in case you don’t notice from their matching outfits on Saturday night, the two are identical twins.

Panda Ross and Burgandy Williams

First audition song: Panda – Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin) / Burgundy – Respect (Aretha Franklin)

Six Chair Challenge song: Proud Mary (Tina Turner)

Although both acts were cut from the competition at the Six Chair Challenge stage by Overs judge Ayda Field, Robbie Williams put the two singers to form a soul-centred super-group. And it’s then that they bowled over audiences and judges alike with a cover of Never Enough from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

For the Six Chair Challenge, they performed Tina Turner’s Proud Mary, both acts showcasing their impressive soul vocals that earned them a seat.

A STAR – Golden X act

First audition song: Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj)

Six Chair Challenge song: This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan)/ Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj)

Both Aaliyah and Acacia K originally auditioned in separate auditions as individual acts, but were advised by Simon Cowell to team up.  The result – a storming version of Bang Bang, learnt in just an hour – was enough to see them sail through to the next round.

Judge Robbie Williams was less impressed with their Six Challenge Challenge performance, stopping them halfway through their Montell Jordan cover. However, he gave them a chance to redeem themselves by performing Bang Bang once more. And redeem themselves they did, with the duo earning the Golden X seat.


First audition song: Juicy Fruit (original song)

Six Chair Challenge song: Ghetto Style (original song)

Duo Stephan Benson and Jeffrey Okyere – who previously reached the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final in dance group Myztikal – blew away judges in their first audition with original song Juicy Fruit.

They performed Ghetto Style, another original song at the Six Chair Challenge stage. And again, this impressed the crowd, with Williams unable to resist handing them a seat.


The X Factor is on 8.35pm Saturday and 8pm Sunday, ITV