Viewers react to David Attenborough’s final Blue Planet II conservation rallying cry

The final episode in the BBC1 series called on viewers to help reduce plastic waste

Sir David Attenborough in Blue Planet II (BBC, TL)

The final episode of Blue Planet II took an unflinching look at the impact of human activity on marine life, with David Attenborough delivering a powerful rallying call to do more to protect the environment.


“The future of all life now depends on us,” the BBC naturalist said in his closing speech – watch the message below in full.

The episode, which depicted albatross parents unwittingly feeding their chicks plastic and mother dolphins potentially exposing their new-born calves to pollutants through their contaminated milk, shocked viewers watching at home.

Many others pointed to areas where individuals and corporations could be doing more to save the environment.


Now, let’s just hope all of this talk translates into action. For their part, BBC Earth’s Twitter account have shared a list of eight simple ways to help protect the environment. Check them out below.