Radio Times Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion 2018 Round 2

Which show do YOU want to see take the Sci-Fi Champion title?

Radio Times Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion

The Radio Times Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion title is probably one of the most coveted prizes in the TV Champion tournament.


It’s a hotly contested category that has, on occasion, even broken the internet. Could 2018 be the year when it happens all over again?

A selection of the brightest and best shows from the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy will go head-to-head in the quest to find just one Champion this year. In Round 1 they were whittled down to just 16 and now they must face off against each other in a speed round.

You’ve got just FOUR HOURS to cast your votes for your favourite shows before polls close at 10pm UK time so you’d best find them and get voting! You can vote as many times as you like for as many different shows as you like.


And remember – it’s all just a bit of summer fun, so do make sure to take a break from your screens!

Round 2 polls CLOSED – Vote in Round Three here

Lucifer v Rick and Morty

Humans v Doctor Who

Timeless v Red Dwarf

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D v Stranger Things

Shadowhunters v Supernatural

Sense8 v Game of Thrones

Outlander v The Walking Dead

The 100 v Jessica Jones