Danny Dyer reveals what he really thinks of daughter Dani’s Love Island boyfriend Jack

The EastEnders actor may not have entered the villa – but he still has plenty of opinions on pen salesman Jack

Danny Dyer on Love Island

Danny Dyer may not have actually entered the Love Island villa – much to the disappointment of fans – but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his say on daughter Dani’s new boyfriend Jack.


In Sunday night’s episode of the ITV2 reality show, the Love Islanders’ families pay them a visit. But for Dani there’s an extra surprise as, after a rendezvous with her nan and grandad, she is called to the living room where she’s met with a live stream of her parents, Danny Dyer and his wife Jo Mas.

The famously foul-mouthed EastEnders actor manages to keep it clean when he tells his daughter: “I got it wrong baby. I told you not to do it. We’re so proud of you, you are incredible. You’re an absolute hero babe.”

And giving her new boyfriend Jack his seal of approval, Dyer Sr. says, “Babe he’s lovely. He’s a proper geezer mate. You’ve found a right proper geezer in there.”

When Dani’s mum Jo reveals the series has been an emotional journey for the actor, he retorts: “I ain’t been crying every night. I haven’t cried that much, honestly.”

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Alex George on Love Island

Dani then scurries off to retrieve Jack and haul him in front of the video call so Danny can tell him face-to-face: “Listen, I approve of you mate. I think you’re absolutely bang on. I weren’t at first, I thought ‘oh here we go’.”

He adds: “Look at him, look at him. Look at his little face. Do you know what Jack, listen. Proper geezer, gotta say. I’ll tell you what I love about you, I love the fact you got a little Derby. You got so much charisma. Takes a brave man to bowl into that gaff, them all ‘abbed up’, proper geezer. Honestly mate, we’re so over the moon.”

No mention of Jack’s Danny Dyer poster is made, and for the pen salesman the outcome of the conversation is a big relief: “It’s nerve wracking. The fact that he approves of me and he likes me, I just thought ‘that’s brilliant.’ Dani must feel so relieved.”

But things aren’t exactly plain sailing for Dr Alex who has to face Alexandra’s mother days after dramatically dumping her daughter. She has some stern words for the young medic after his behaviour over the past couple of weeks…

“That was one thing that I didn’t grasp. When you recoupled and you seemed to expect her to be grateful, and you I think made some comment ‘what’s the matter with her, why she’s so grumpy?’ What did you expect a girl to feel like after she’d been rejected and then you dained to bring her back to her side? I thought ‘hey young man, I’ll have words with you!”

The visit from their families takes up much of the penultimate episode, but the Islanders must also face the final dumping of the series before Monday’s live final. Who will fall at the final hurdle? Have your say here:


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2