Love Island 2018: What’s the BIG question Jack wants to ask Dani?

With the pair already making it official, tonight Jack has another huge question for his girlfriend. But just what is it?

Jack and Dani on Love Island

Tonight’s teaser for Love Island has dealt us a massive cliffhanger: what is Jack’s big question for Dani?!


After going on a romantic hot air balloon date together, the boyfriend and girlfriend settle down for a picnic on the grass.

And Jack has something really massive to ask Dani…

After being shocked at realising he doesn’t even have his girlfriend’s number, Jack says: “I’ve got something I want to ask you. I just think this would be amazing. Obviously it’s the next logical step for us.”

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Love Island Kaz lie detector

Whatever it is, it seems to go down well with Dani who says, “I’m at that stage in my life now where I want to do that now.”

But what is his question? And what is Dani’s response?!

Is it Jack asking to move in together after spending two solid months living with each other? Maybe he’s asking if she wants to have kids with him? Or even just quizzing her on her unusual eyelash grooming routine?

After getting back to the villa, Jack says: “It was unbelievable. It was so sick. It was nice thinking about future stuff, rather than what’s happening right now.

Jack and Dani on Love Island
Jack and Dani on Love Island (ITV)

“For me I was just sort of thinking about what the next step would be for us.”

Meanwhile in the Beach Hut, Dani admits she couldn’t have expected anything more from her Love Island experience: “For a boy to actually just sit there and look at a future with me just means so much to me and that’s everything I could ask for.

“The fact that I’ve got that here in Love Island is like ‘wow.’”

If only everything were so rosy for Alex and Alexandra.

After the pair have an amazing date in a red Ferrari, it looks like Alex returns to the villa more enamoured with the car than with Alexandra.

With doubt creeping in (yet again), Alex decides to confide in Jack about how he’s feeling about her – saying: “It doesn’t seem to feel right.

Alex George on Love Island
Alex George on Love Island (ITV)

“I don’t have the right feelings that I should be. The thing is she wants to move at quite a quick pace. She wants lots of affection, and she wants things to move quite quickly. I just can’t match that. I feel like things just aren’t quite right with us.”

Then, Alex goes over to Alexandra and pulls her over for a chat.

Oh no, no, no. We can already tell this is not going to end well.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2