Who is Stephanie Lam? Meet the new Love Island 2018 contestant who claims she’s “just friends” with last year’s star Chris Hughes

The 23-year-old is one of four new bombshells landing in the Love Island villa on ITV2


Love Island 2018 has just brought in even more bombshells to shake up the villa, including 23-year-old Stephanie Lam. But what do we need to know about the latest Love Island star?


The brunette account manager from Hertfordshire describes herself as a “girls’ girl” and says it will take a lot for her to split up existing couples – but she’s under no illusions that she’s going to have to ruffle a few feathers to make her mark.

Stephanie has a bit of relationship history when it comes to Love Island, revealing that she once went on a “mates’ date” with 2017 star Chris Hughes. However, she says that they are “just friends.”

Coming into the villa late, she says, “I just hope people give me a fair chance to get to know me and my personality.”

Stephanie is looking to work her magic on the remaining boys, saying that her “eyes and lips” are her best features – although potential suitors be warned: she admits she can be a loud eater. Maybe skip dinner?

When bae keeps you waiting…

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As for biggest turn-offs, she says she’s not impressed by “cocky” guys and prefers her men with “good manners”.

Let’s see whether anyone can stay on their best behaviour in the hothouse that is the Love Island villa…


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Who is Stephanie Lam? Key facts: 

Age: 23

Job: Account manager

Instagram: @stephanielamx

Location: Hertfordshire


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2