Yes Jack! New Love Islander Idris feels the wrath of Laura’s man

Not that we're taking sides of course...

New Jack from Love Island

You might think the prospect of facing off with a professional boxer would phase the other Love Island boys, but not New Jack.


Laura’s on-off other half goes toe to toe with new arrival Idris on Wednesday night’s show after hearing what he’s been saying on their date together.

Just in case you had some serious personal crisis that for some reason stopped you from watching Tuesday’s episode, Idris waded into Kissgate, telling Laura that from what he’d seen Jack was the one who’d instigated that now infamous snog with Georgia.

For extensive wider reading around the subject, see below…

…but suffice it to say, Jack is not happy and doesn’t pull any punches when letting Idris know about it.

Ok, he doesn’t shout but as you can see from the video clip, there’s an understated menace and a sense of trying to reign himself in that seems to leave Idris pretty speechless.

“When going on dates, yeah,” says Jack, apparently considering his next words carefully, or just trying not to jump across the table at Idris, “it’s probably better off that instead of trying to bring s*** up and putting people down to bring yourself up – that’s what it seems like – you come from a different angle.

“You’ve come across in here, you’ve started chatting s*** and you’ve tried to break up a couple , you’ve got a game plan, that’s how it comes across.”

It’s good stuff and if you’re Team Jack like us, you’re going to love it.

Oh, and another taster for tonight’s episode: Dr Alex gets called on a brunch date with a new girl, also called Alex. But we’ve learned not to get our hopes up too much when it comes to that sort of thing…


Love Island is on at 9:30pm tonight on ITV2