Love Island 2018 loses TWO more contestants as ITV2 show dumps least popular islanders

One of the departing islanders reveals they've still got "unfinished business" with a remaining contestant – contains spoilers

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Love Island: SR4: Ep36 on ITV2

Pictured: The Islanders and the dumping.

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Frankie and Grace have become the latest contestants to be dumped out of Love Island 2018 following a public vote.


Texts sent to the villa revealed that viewers had been voting for their most popular male and female contestants. Megan, Ellie and Grace were the girls with the fewest votes, while Frankie, Charlie and Josh were the least liked boys.

However, Grace and Frankie – both islanders who joined the show just two weeks ago – were declared the most unpopular contestants and asked to pack their bags.

It will be quite a blow to Frankie, who had enjoyed a blossoming romance with Samira since arriving on the show – but it might not be over just yet.

On exiting the villa, dumped islander Frankie said, “I think I’ve got unfinished business with Samira”.

He added, “As soon as she comes out, we’ll meet up and see what happens. It’s hard to tell as there could be a three to four-week gap between seeing each other. So you can’t predict what will happen but in my head, we’ll meet up.”

Meanwhile Grace, who had previously been coupled up with Dr Alex, said she was disappointed to leave ‘new’ Jack, who she’d got closer to during the latest episode. “It is a bit disappointing because it’s always going to hang over me, what could have been. Could there have been a spark? Could something romantic have blossomed?”

Grace also revealed she’d be up for going on a date with Jack if he left the villa single: “After the show, we have the reunion and there will probably be times we’ll see each other so I’d be open to catching up with him and seeing if there was anything there.”

Both the dumped islanders also revealed their thoughts on the biggest debate in the villa over the past few days: Georgia, THAT kiss and the house-wide argument that followed.

“Georgia doesn’t think about what she says,” said Grace. “I think it might be an age thing. She does mean well but I think she should have apologised back to Ellie when we went on the girls’ spa day.”

And Frankie also revealed he thought Georgia was playing a game: “All her emotions are multiplied by three. If she feels something a little bit, she’ll turn it into feeling something a lot. You never know what she’s thinking.”


So, will Frankie enjoy a date with Samira once she leaves the villa? Or will her head be turned by one of the TWO new boys on their way in? We’ve got our fingers crossed for Frankie (but mainly for more drama to kick off).

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