Who is Charlie Williams? Meet the Love Island contestant who’s into Alex

The tanning shop assistant has her eyes set on a doctor...

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Twenty-four-year-old tanning shop assistant Charlie Williams is looking for an innovative date.


“My last date, when I was in Australia, this guy took me on a bungee jump – it was insane, but it really stuck,” she says. “I don’t know how someone could top that.

She says she’s a little bit tired of modern dating. “I like the idea that the show is about old-fashioned dating. Going back to basics, no phones, no Instagram, just making conversation. This will be the maddest experience I’ve ever had to find love, but I’ve tried everything else!”


Who is Charlie’s type on paper?

As a genuine gal looking for a genuine guy, she’s naturally attracted to fan-favourite Alex, who has been unlucky in love thus far in the series.

“In a nutshell I want someone nice, hard working and someone who wants to be in a genuine relationship. I really like Alex – I like him more the more that I watch the show. His values are so strong. I think we’d have a lot in common.”

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Charlie adds that she speaks her truth while she sleeps.

“I sometimes sleep talk and I swear I tell the truth in my sleep! When things are on my mind, it will come out in my sleep,” she says.

And, while she’s apprehensive to say she’ll be willing to steal a boy away from another girl, she says she will go to great lengths to get what she wants.

“It’s a really difficult situation. If I was outside the villa and meeting people, I’m a really strong girls’ girl, I would never go for a friend’s ex,” she says. “But we are on Love Island and I genuinely really want to find someone. I want someone that when I leave we can keep up something serious. You look at other Islanders who are engaged and have had children. I want that.”

Who is Charlie Williams? Key facts:

Age: 24

Job: Tanning shop assistant

Instagram: CharlieAnneWilliamsx

Location: Bath