Love Island’s Zara confronts Adam about his roving eye after warnings from Rosie

And Adam reveals why he thinks it was Rosie's fault their relationship broke down


And lo, Adam moved onto his fourth girl in two weeks of Love Island, dumping welsh Rosie in favour of government advisor Zara. And it’s awkward, oh so awkward, between the two girls.


Although tension has been bad enough with the pair actively avoiding one another, it’s set to boil over into a full-blown confrontation during Wednesday night’s show as Rosie warns Zara about Adam. However, these words of wisdom come after a major dressing down…

Taking new girl Zara aside, Rosie gives a summary of her past relationship with Adam: “Obviously we’ve spent ten days together, we’ve spoken about us as a couple in this villa. We have done stuff in bed together because that’s how close we’ve got. When you came in, obviously, I was alright about you taking him on a date. But today I think you’ve both handled it really wrong, I’ll be honest.

“You haven’t spoken to me at all, and I just thought ‘if she’s just come in here to take Adam, I wish she’d just said.’”

And then comes the warning: “You’re the fourth girl in two weeks that he’s tried to crack on with – this isn’t a coincidence it’s a pattern.”

She adds: “I’m done with him. But I will say to you be careful. Because I’m not the first girl, I’m the second girl. Megan was the third, you’re the fourth and it’s been two weeks. Be careful.”

It looks as though Zara takes on her words, later asking Adam: “If another girl came in who was more your type, would you go for her over me?”

Adam’s oh so uncommitted answer: “You’re my type. I want to see what happens.”

So, overall it’s not a pretty situation. But at least it’s not Adam’s fault. Well, according to him. Talking about his breakup with Rosie in the Beach Hut, he says: “Whether or not I fancy Zara, that’s not the point. The point is the way she spoke to me and the way she’s acted, and the insecure behaviour. That’s what pushed me away.”

Before you could have argued that Rosie’s insecurities about Zara were completely founded – especially after Adam admitted to Jack he’d prefer to couple up with Zara – but it’s nice Adam has completely cleared that up for us.


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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