When is Channel 4’s new dating show Hello Stranger on TV?

Everything you need to know about the new format which sees couples hypnotised to believe they're single

Channel 4

Ever looked over at your significant other and wondered whether, in an alternative universe, you’d still choose them – and they’d still choose you?


That’s the premise for Channel 4’s slightly bizarre new dating show, which sees struggling couples hypnotised to forget their partner and to believe that they’re single – before they both meet again for a ‘first’ date.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hello Stranger.

When is Hello Stranger on TV?

Hello Stranger is on Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4.

What’s the show about – and are the couples really under hypnosis?

If your relationship is going through a rocky patch, there are more conventional ways to test its strength than undergoing “amnesia hypnosis”, but that’s exactly what Hello Stranger’s contestants sign up for when they meet the show’s hypnotist Aaron Calvert, who hypnotises each pair into temporarily forgetting each other.

Both halves of the couple then go on three dates, labouring under the illusion that they’re single. And of course, one of those dates sees the couple reunited for a ‘first date’, where they – theoretically – meet each other anew. The first episode opens with vloggers George, 24, and Lucy, 20, whose four-year relationship has grown stale.


At the end of the show, viewers find out whether the couple would still choose each other. Of course, some will argue that the premise of the show might be flawed, as hypnosis can affect people in different ways. Will the couples remember each other after all? Tune in to judge for yourself.

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