Emmerdale baby anguish: Chas tells Paddy the truth – “It’s a harrowing situation,” says Dominic Brunt

"Paddy gives up hope straight away," says the actor


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Thursday 14th June 2018 - 1st Ep

As everyone sets up decorations for the baby shower, an anxious Chas Dingle [LUCY PARGETTER] arrives. She bursts into tears with Marlon who in turn then tells Paddy Kirk [DOMINIC BRUNT] he needs to go upstairs to see Chas. Chas is choked as she explains to Paddy the devastating news about their baby, and crumples into Paddy’s arms. Paddy breaks down.

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Prepare yourselves for heartbreaking scenes on Emmerdale next week as Chas finally confesses the truth to partner Paddy about their unborn baby. Since Chas attended a scan on her own and was told of complications that meant there was little chance the baby could survive outside the womb, the mum-to-be has been keeping the news to herself.


But the upcoming drama will see Chas agreeing to let Paddy and Marlon throw her a baby shower, only to then crumble and admit to her partner that their unborn child might not make it. The trouble is that Paddy is loathe to believe that what Chas is telling him can possibly be correct.


“I think it’s too big a thing for him to take it on board and he’s too gutted to believe that it’s over, so he doesn’t believe it,” says actor Dominic Brunt. “So he does that crappy male thing of deciding to find out for himself. He reckons that Chas could have misheard, so he steps in, thinking that it will all be OK.”

But after seeking confirmation at the hospital, Paddy is left having to face up to the grim reality of his and Chas’s tragic situation: “Paddy gives up hope straight away and says, ‘the baby’s suffering, we need to stop this now.’ Because that’s what he does in his day job.

“But fascinatingly, as happens in real life with this very scenario, couples decide to take the pregnancy to term in order for them to give their child a life, whether that’s a just an hour, a day or an afternoon. So Chas says that maybe they should do that.”

Speaking about his hopes for the emotional storyline, Brunt adds: “I hope we can do it justice. It’s a really unique and harrowing situation to be in. As an actor so I’m loving every bit of it, as difficult as it’s been.

“What you’ll see is Chas and Paddy deciding they’re having the child – but they want to make sure that no one sees them as victims. They decide to be positive for the baby and for themselves. There will be heartbreaking periods, but they’ve decided this is what we’re going to do and if we’re going to do it, we’re going to hit it in a positive way.

“So as sad as the story is, there are lighter elements to it as well.”


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