Simon Cowell baffled by Britain’s Got Talent comedian Micky P Kerr’s ‘Bag for Life’ song

The comedy musician's riff on his despair at losing his carrier bag was lost on Simon, as David Walliams quips: "He hasn't been to a supermarket since 1981"

Britain's Got Talent Micky P Kerr

Simon Cowell is a true man of the people. Well, apart from the mansions, private yachts and the fact he has no idea what a ‘bag for life’ is.


When comedy musician Micky P Kerr takes to the Britain’s Got Talent stage this Saturday to perform his amusing routine about losing his carrier bag, Simon is seemingly baffled. “What?” he asks Amanda as Micky sings on stage.

Britain's Got Talent Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell
Britain’s Got Talent Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell

“A bag for life,” explained Amanda. “You know when you go to the supermarket? You can either buy a cheap carrier bag or a bag for life which is better quality and a bit more expensive.”

He still didn’t look convinced, leading David to quip that Simon hadn’t been to a supermarket since 1981.

Here’s a preview of Micky’s performance:

Who is Micky P Kerr?

Micky is a stand-up comedian who has won rave reviews for his performances at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, including in 2017 when he brought his show Lay-Z to the Fringe. In his material, he talks about watching TV whilst drunk and his irrational hatred of celebrities. He’s also been described as “the bastard spawn of John Cooper Clarke” and was a runner-up in 2016’s Musical Comedy Awards.

Speaking about his Fringe show, Micky said it was “an hour of comedy which involves: a guitar, some spoken word, some superbly written social analysis and a few crowd ‘sing a longs’. It’s all about laziness on a micro and macro level.”

You can check him out on Twitter here: @MickyPKerr

What else does Micky P Kerr sing about?

It’s not just bags for life – Micky has also written and sung a rather amusing song called ‘I Like Drinking’ which, you guessed it, is about booze:

Also on YouTube is a clip of Micky singing not only Bag for Life, but also the song he describes as his “best material”.

It’s called ‘The Absolutely Amazing Song’ and is about travelling around Europe. And it’s pretty funny:


Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday 19th May at 8pm on ITV

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