Caroline Flack: ‘I can’t wait to get Danny Dyer on Love Island spin-off Aftersun’

The EastEnders star's daughter Dani will be in the villa this year - what will he have to say about the goings-on?

Love Island 2018: Dani Dyer

If you’re a Love Island fan you’re probably already aware that Dani Dyer – daughter of EastEnders star Danny Dyer – is among the contestants lined up for this year’s show.


And of course there’s been lots of talk about what the famously edgy Dyer Sr is likely to make of any ‘antics’ Dyer Jr might get up to in the villa.

That, of course, makes him the perfect guest for Love Island’s weekly spin-off Aftersun, in which host Caroline Flack and a sofa of celebs chat through the events of the last seven days – and Flack says she “can’t wait” to get Danny on the show.

But will Dani provide the material she’s looking for? Given that her famous dad will be looking on, won’t she think twice before letting things get too steamy on screen?

“I don’t know. You get carried away sometimes don’t you, when you fall in love?” said Flack, who has just announced her engagement to Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star Andrew Brady. “Especially when you’re on holiday in the moment, with the sun…”

“I mean, I can’t confirm or deny that she will. You don’t know what’s going to happen once you hit the villa. It’s up to her really, isn’t it? It’s her decision.”

As it happens, Dani and Danny have already had some conversations around this very topic and, as she told, her dad’s been very supporting of her making her own decisions, telling her only “just be yourself and have a good time. And don’t be a melt around boys.”

“I think my dad would be the same,” said Flack. “I think it’s great. I can’t wait to get Danny Dyer on Aftersun.”


Neither can we Caroline, neither can we…

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