Meet the cast of ITV’s Innocent

Lee Ingleby stars as an ex-prisoner determined to prove he didn't kill his wife – while Hermione Norris plays the victim's sister who insists he's guilty

Eloise Webb plays David’s daughter Rosie

Innocent - Eloise Webb plays David's daughter Rosie

Who is Rosie? Rosie is initially extremely upset that her father – who she barely remembers – is out of prison.


Where have I seen Eloise Webb before? Eloise Webb played Young Ella in the movie Cinderella, and Princess Elizabeth in The White Queen.

Zahra Ahmadi plays DC Mari-Luz Garcia

Zahra Ahmadi plays DC Garcia in Innocent

Who is DC Garcia? When DI Hudson assembles a team to look at the case with fresh eyes, one of the key people she chooses is DC Mari-Luz Garcia.

Where have I seen Zahra Ahmadi before? EastEnders fans will remember Zahra Ahmadi as Shabnam Masood, before Rakhee Thakrar was recast in the role. Since then she has appeared in Count Arthur Strong, Tracy Ullman’s Show, Porridge, and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.

Samuel Edward-Cook plays DS Steve Beckton

Samuel Edward Cook plays DS Steve Beckton in Innocent

Who is DS Beckton? A diligent member of DI Cathy Hudson’s investigative team.

Where have I seen Samuel Edward-Cook before? The actor recently appeared as Jason in Emmerdale. Other roles have included Dougie in Brief Encounters, Danny Whizz-Bang in Peaky Blinders, and Walter Storey in Land Girls.

Hannah Britland plays Melissa Wilson

Innocent - Hannah Britland plays Melissa

Who is Melissa? The new wife of Tom Wilson, David’s old best friend.


Where have I seen Hannah Britland before? Best known for her role as Abigail in Lovesick, Hannah Britland also appeared in Fresh Meat as Sam.