Britain’s Got Talent 2018: comedian Ben Langley mishears lyrics in hilarious audition video

Lady Gaga's "just dance...gotta pee, okay?" is just the tip of this ridiculous iceberg. Here's everything you need to know about the excitable comedian auditioning on BGT

Britain's Got Talent Ben Langley

Where else on TV can you see a man holding up a sign that says ‘Gotta pee, okay?’ and it be genuinely entertaining? Why, only on Britain’s Got Talent, of course.


Comedian Ben Langley performs his upbeat “misheard lyrics” comedy routine for the judges, and leaves both them and the audience in stitches. Here’s a preview of his audition:

Though be careful, because you will never listen to these classic hits the same way again.

Who is Ben Langley?

Ben Langley hails from Norfolk and is a panto regular, with a schedule crammed full of gigs around the UK.

Langley is a physical comedian and a master juggler. He is not afraid to do something a little risky, as evident by his trick of juggling swords while balancing on a man’s shoulders.

He may have an edge over his competitors as he spent two years as the supporting act for Paul Zerdin – the British comedian who won season 10 of America’s Got Talent.

Meanwhile Ben’s Ha Ha…! shows, which he writes, directs and performs in, have featured the likes of Joe Pasquale, Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball.

What happens in Ben Langley’s audition?

Ben Langley gives a high-energy performance on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, quickly flashing cards which show misheard lyrics while playing the original tune.

We won’t spoil any of the lyrics – watch it for yourself!


Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday 19th May at 8pm on ITV

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