Viewers praise “thought-provoking thriller” Innocent after a satisfying series finale

There is no cliffhanger at the end of this ITV drama – and viewers are extremely relieved


*Warning: spoilers*


After an INTENSE week of twists, turns and suspicious behaviour, ITV’s Innocent has come to a dramatic end – and we finally know who killed Tara Collins. The murderer was none other than mild-mannered Phil (Daniel Ryan) who confessed to the crime in front of his horrified brother David Collins (Lee Ingleby).

So what did viewers think?

The critically-acclaimed drama has been a major hit with the ITV audience – and the final episode didn’t disappoint.

A poll found that 85% were satisfied with the “powerful” series finale which revealed the killer and brought resolution for all our characters.

The show has been described as “compulsive viewing” with brilliant acting:

In the run-up to episode four, there were concerns that the series might end on a cliffhanger…

But no! Writers Chris Lang and Matthew Arlidge delivered a story with a proper ending.

Some viewers were extremely surprised to find out the killer’s true identity…

While others had seen it coming all along.

In fact, in poll of almost 6,000 readers before the final episode, a LOT of people guessed that Phil was guilty.

While Rob had the top spot at 41%, another 38% of viewers reckoned Phil had killed Tara – even though he had barely been implicated at that point.

But still. With a drama this good, did that really matter?


After all, this was more than a whodunnit: it was also a story about a family, with a real emotional heart.

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