There will be some familiar names on The Chase royal wedding special

Introducing Kate, Will, Harry and Meg(h)an

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Pictured: (l-r) Chasers Jenny ÔThe VixenÕ Ryan, Mark ÔThe BeastÕ Labbett, Host Bradley Walsh, Shaun ÔThe BarristerÕ Wallace, Anne ÒThe GovernessÓ Hegerty, and  Paul Ô'The Sinnerman'Õ Sinha 

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When we say there will be some “familiar names” on The Chase royal wedding special, we are being entirely literal – because the contestants will be named Kate, Will, Harry and Megan.


And to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and his bridge Meghan Markle, the Chaser – Anne Hegerty – will also be donning a veil.

The royally-named contestants will pit their wits against a “ruthless quiz genius” in pursuit of a prize pot worth thousands of pounds. They will work as a team to answer general knowledge questions against the clock – and try to race down the game board to the exit, without being caught.

Producers seem to be having a lot of fun with names this week.

On Wednesday, there was a biblical theme as the contestants were called Matthew, Mark, Luke and… Joan.


The Chase’s royal wedding special will air on Friday 18th March at 5pm on ITV