Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow takes salary cut to reduce gender pay gap

The host has revealed he took the voluntary wage cut after gender pay gap figures were published

Jon Snow image

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow has revealed that he took a voluntary 25% cut to his salary in an effort to bridge the gender pay gap at the broadcaster.


Snow, who has worked at Channel 4 for almost 30 years, told the Daily Mail that he took the “gender pay cut” as a “co-operative gesture”.

“I took the cut over two months ago – 25%,” he said. “Alas, contractually, I am not able to disclose my salary then or now.’

In March it was revealed that female employees at Channel 4 on average earned 28.6% less than men at the company. The pay gap at ITN, meanwhile, which produces news programmes for Channel 4 and other broadcasters, was 19.6%.

Channel 4’s new chief executive Alex Mahon had said at the time: “This number obviously makes for uncomfortable reading and I am determined to take action to address it.

“There is no quick fix, but identifying the complex and multiple reasons behind our gap is the first step towards tackling the fundamental issues at play.”


BBC presenters John Humphrys, Huw Edwards and Jeremy Vine were also among those to take pay cuts earlier this year in response to the row over gender pay at the corporation.

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