Coronation Street: Eileen gets a big surprise at the cab office – watch the scene

Find out what happens when Eileen returns to work

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There’ll be mixed emotions for Eileen this Friday on Coronation Street when she returns to work at the cab office. As can be seen in this newly released clip by ITV, an emotional Eileen makes her comeback to Streetcars, where Tim and Steve reveal both a ‘welcome back’ banner and a new supply of her favourite biscuits.


But Eileen’s good mood looks set to sour when she starts to receive silent calls on her mobile. Could this be Pat Phelan playing fresh mind games with his prey?

As we now know, Pat Phelan is returning for a final showdown at the end of May for a dramatic run of episodes that will be stripped across weeknight evenings.

A bruised and battered Phelan has been lying low in Wales after almost losing his life in a coastal cliffhanger. But despite his absence, he’s still been keeping a close eye on those he feels have wronged him. So when Gary tracks Phelan down to a campsite in Wales and drags him back to the Street, his pent-up, vengeance-fuelled fury is unleashed.

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A show insider said of what fans can expect to see as the Phelan saga reaches its climax: “As well as Phelan’s vengeful return to the street, Michelle prepares to marry Robert and David fights to take control of his life after his rape ordeal. But with emotions running high and twists around every corner can good prevail over evil and will love conquer all?”

Speaking recently to, actor Connor McIntyre – who plays the psychopathic Phelan – commented:

“Everyone should be watching out. Even those you might not expect. The less Phelan has to lose, the more dangerous he is. He now feels that everyone has betrayed him – even Eileen. So you have to assume that he’s going to go back and ‘correct’ something. That’s how he sees it with his warped sense of morality.”


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