Eurovision 2018 acts take to the stage for first rehearsals

Here are the best and strangest performances to expect on the night

Eurovision press, TL

We know who the acts are, we’ve seen their crazy music videos and now we’ve got a sneak peek of what to expect when the Eurovision 2018 performers hit the stage on May 12th: the acts competing in the semi-final of the competition have been undergoing technical rehearsals in Lisbon, where this year’s competition will take place.


So, which are the countries to look out for? Here’s the pick of the most wonderful (and weird)…

Estonia: Elina Nechayeva – La Forza

Second favourite to win the contest, opera singer Elina is due to hit the stage in a special projection dress. We’ve already seen the stunning patterns and colours swirl across her outfit in her official video and looks like we can expect more of the same on the night…

Israel: Netta – Toy

This, shall we say, unique song – one complete with chicken-style clucking – from the 25-year-old singer is the one tipped for Eurovision crown. But despite the song’s colourful music video, Netta Barzilai will only be performing with two screens and three backing dancers.

Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me

This should be an interesting one on the night: although the camel that appears in Lie To Me’s music video doesn’t make an entrance, the Czech act’s performance appears to largely revolve around his rucksack. And bum-shaking. Obviously.

Azerbaijan: Aisel – X My Heart

Do you like neon white triangles launching out of the ground? Well, you’ll probably love this entry: Aisel and her dancers spend the entire song boogying on the slanted set. And it’s at such an angle they all have to keep rooted to the spot without slipping down.

Ireland: Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Together

Ireland’s performance should be a positive talking point on the night by featuring a same-sex couple dancing and romancing on stage. Sure, they’re only busting moves around a single lamppost and tiny platform, but it’s a heart-warming performance nonetheless.

Finland: Saara Aalto – Monsters

Lastly, there’s a performance from the X-Factor runner-up, who’ll be belting out her bubbly pop number while walking up a funky pink platform. Because Eurovision.


The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 12th 2018