Hollyoaks: Ryan kills DS Thorpe – but is caught by Glenn!

Will Ryan be able to cover up his latest crime?


DS Geoff Thorpe has become Ryan Knight’s latest murder victim following a tense showdown in tonight’s Hollyoaks.


The Hollyoaks High building site became a crime scene in Monday’s E4 episode of the soap after Ryan went to extreme lengths to cover up the truth about Amy’s demise.

Ryan has kept the secret that he killed his wife on the night of their wedding under wraps for months and wasn’t about to let his uncle reveal the true facts.

After Thorpe managed to pick apart his alibi, Ryan ended up admitting what he’d done, but tried to convince the canny copper that it was all an accident. Unconvinced, Thorpe told Ryan to hand himself in, but gave him time to consider his decision.


Ultimately, this act of generosity from Thorpe proved to be his undoing, as it gave Ryan time to make a deadly last-ditch bid for freedom.

Ryan was seen asking Thorpe to meet him at the building site, but not before he’d spoken to Ste and told him that he needed to go away for some time. Believing that Ryan just needed to clear his head, Ste handed him a special necklace and declared his love.

What he couldn’t have guessed, though, was that Ryan would end up using the jewellery as an impromptu murder weapon! In a final confrontation, the emotional and panicked killer held Thorpe down and choked him with the necklace.

But just as Ryan was crying out his apologies, in walked Glenn Donovan to find him hunched over a dead DS Thorpe. Will Ryan be able to cover up this latest crime?


Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 7pm on E4