Bradley Walsh spoofs Holly Willoughby’s Instagram with hilarious copycat photo

With this bizarre outfit, Bradley Walsh is trying to conquer #hwstyle

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh

When you invent your own Instagram hashtag to show off your daily outfits and post hundreds of photos detailing how to get the ‘look’, you have to expect your colleagues to take the mick out of you – even if you’re Holly Willoughby.


And now Bradley Walsh, host of fellow ITV show The Chase and soon-to-be Doctor Who companion, has stepped up with a spoof picture poking fun at This Morning’s Willoughby for her #hwstyle posts.

Walsh clearly took a look through Willoughby’s Instagram feed for inspiration before settling on this stylish outfit. “This morning’s look” features shorts with a waistline higher than Simon Cowell’s, a black bow tie to keep things respectable and classic adidas sandals with socks.

“If it works for Holly Willoughby I’m hoping it’s gonna work for me!” he captioned the photo.

Walsh seems to be relishing the chance to tease Willoughby at the moment. Only last week he unexpectedly joined her and Philip Schofield on stage at the National Television Awards, sneaking up when they went to collect the award for Best Daytime Show.


Luckily, it all seems to be in the spirit of friendship. “Bradley Walsh!” she declared, partway through her acceptance speech. “What a devil!”