Peter Jackson to make new BBC documentary marking WW1 centenary

The film is part of a series of shows marking 100 years since the conflict ended

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Peter Jackson – acclaimed director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy – is making a new documentary, part of a season of BBC shows marking the centenary of World War One.


Using remastered footage from the frontlines and audio sourced from the BBC Archives, the film promises to “allow modern audiences to hear people from the time talking about The Great War in their own voice and in their own words”.

Following its broadcast on Armistice day (November 11), the BBC will air a ‘making-of’ documentary about the project, featuring interviews with Jackson.

Other BBC shows commemorating a century since the conflict ended include The Last Hundred Days, a two-part drama-documentary looking at the soldiers and nurses during the final weeks of the war.

BBC4’s Britain’s Great War: The People’s Story will retell accounts of the war – from the trenches and the home front – using a collection of interviews from hundreds of survivors. The three-part series will look to “present the extraordinary stories of the ordinary people who lived through the war and to give a snapshot of what life was like for millions”.

And in Shell Shocked, TV historian Dan Snow will explore 100 years of war-induced post-traumatic stress disorder. The one-off film will not only focus on the First World War, but will look at how British soldiers from conflicts like the Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering a mental health crisis.

Also featured in the BBC’s Armistice season are an Antiques Roadshow WW1 special, BBC4’s Dan Cruickshank’s Monuments Of Remembrance and coverage of the centenary on children’s shows like Blue Peter and Newsround.


BBC radio is also set to broadcast a series of special shows, including The Ballads Of The Great War (Radio 2), docu-drama Tommies (Radio 4), and a day of reflective silence through ‘slow radio’ on Radio 3 (A Day of Silences).