Here’s what your dog sees when watching TV

Our four-legged friends aren't actually watching the same thing we are...

Dog watching TV

Whether they’re tuning in to the latest episode of Big Cats or catching up on Dogtor Who, we all know some dogs really LOVE watching a spot of telly.


But do our four-legged friends really see what we see when they watch TV? That’s the question YouTube science channel the SciShow set out to answer – in quite frankly fascinating detail – in its latest video.

Host Hank Green takes us on a rather revealing little journey through the world of canine viewing habits, breaking down the list of dogs most likely to be attracted to TV by breed and explaining why certain dogs – like beagles, for example – might not even feel like they’re watching a TV show at all.


It’s a interesting isight into how the brains of our beloved companions really work, and well worth thinking about the next time you sit down to catch your favourite programmes with your pooch in tow.