EastEnders crisis: Stacey returns – and goes to war with Martin

Are the pair heading for a permanent split?

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5642

Stacey Fowler will return to Walford in next week’s EastEnders, only to immediately get into a furious row with husband Martin. With recriminations flying, are the pair headed for divorce?


Scenes to be shown on Monday 22 January see Stacey bringing the children home to Albert Square and trying to get things back to normal, following her ill-advised Christmas one-night stand with former lover Max Branning.

However, as Stacey does her best to avoid the inevitable, the frosty atmosphere leads to her making an excuse to leave the house in order to think about what to do. But after getting some much-needed advice from Ted, Stacey returns to a suspicious Martin, who accuses her of visiting Max again.

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5642

After Stacey denies this, a huge argument erupts and when Martin crosses the line, Stacey ends up slapping him. As the situation spirals out of control, Martin throws Stacey out, warning her that she’s not having either the children or the house.

Later in the week, Sonia will be seen trying to reason with Martin, but the angry market-stall holder seems determined to remain apart from Stacey and fight for his kids.

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5644

In the end, it’s left to Martin’s best mate Kush to try and make both him and Stacey see what they could lose if there’s a custody battle.

After this dose of tough love, Martin will finally agree to let Stacey see the children. But will the Fowlers be able to see eye to eye? Or is their marriage set to come to a bitter and acrimonious end?

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