Piers Morgan was mentioned on Coronation Street. Piers Morgan was upset

"I couldn't understand where this impromptu and unprovoked attack came from!”


Not content with riling the real world, Piers Morgan has been rubbing the fictional characters of Coronation Street the wrong way.


During an episode of the ITV soap last week, Eileen Phelan made a dig at the ITV presenter while talking about her husband Pat: “I get enough of a headache with Piers Morgan never mind him.”

But on today’s Good Morning, Morgan addressed the line: “I couldn’t understand where this impromptu and unprovoked attack came from!”

The former newspaper editor then joked that resident showbiz reporter Richard Arnold was behind his mention. “A little part of my brain took me to, oh yes, that’s right, Sue Cleaver the actress that plays [Eileen],” Piers said. “She’s your best friend! Isn’t she? Have you given me zingers in Corrie, Arnold?”

However, Arnold insisted he wasn’t behind Cleaver’s jibe – and was actually a bit jealous of Morgan’s reference. “I’m furious,” he quipped, “23 years I’ve been carrying that woman and not so much as a mention on the Cobbles – one of my favourite shows of all time, and you get the mention!”

And Morgan himself admitted his grandmother would have been pleased he was mentioned on the soap. Well, sort of.

“[She] loved Coronation Street, and would have absolutely loved me being mentioned – but then when she heard the mention, she would have come after you!”


Coronation Street is on tonight, 7.30pm and 8.30pm, ITV