EastEnders viewers devastated as Abi Branning is declared brain dead

The younger daughter of Max Branning is in hospital after falling from a roof in a dramatic Christmas Day episode

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EastEnders is hardly a forum for cheerful celebration come Christmas and this year has been no different. The festive period has seen a dramatic chain of events for the Branning family which culminated in sisters Lauren and Abi taking a tumble from the roof of the Queen Vic in a bid to prevent their dad, Max, from committing suicide.


The siblings were rushed to hospital but while Lauren woke up and looks set to recover, things aren’t looking so good for Abi as she was declared “brain stem dead” by doctors who told Max she had “zero chance of regaining consciousness”.

Is the younger Branning sister set to meet her maker? After 11 years on the soap, EastEnders viewers were pretty upset over the character’s fate, especially as Abi fell after trying to save Lauren’s life…

And many took to Twitter to pay tribute to the Branning sister as her demise looked inevitable:

Some were left disappointed by how her death played out.

Especially when it came to the absence of her mother, Tanya, at her bedside:

But while Abi’s fate looked sealed, there were a few viewers still praying for a miracle.


What will become of Abi? EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC1.