Max and Stacey’s affair reveal voted most explosive EastEnders Christmas since Den and Angie’s divorce papers

Max and Stacey's 2007 Christmas Day DVD disaster pipped Archie Mitchell's murder to claim the top spot – but nothing can compete with Den and Angie...

Max and Stacey's affair is exposed on Christmas Day

Look out Angie and Den – you’ve got competition! Max Branning and Stacey Slater are fast becoming the king and queen of explosive EastEnders Christmases.


Their 2007 Christmas Day DVD disaster has been voted the most explosive EastEnders Christmas episode since Den and Angie’s infamous 1986 divorce paper storyline – appropriate really, given that the pair are back in the headlines for their antics on Christmas Eve…

Chez Branning became a war zone just a decade ago, as the family gathered to watch Stacey and Bradley’s wedding DVD, only to discover evidence that the groom’s dad had been having it off with the bride long before the pair said “I do”.

The episode claimed the top spot in a poll of readers, beating Archie Mitchell’s 2009 Christmas Day murder (he was cracked over the head with the bust from the Queen Victoria, no less) and Mick Carter’s ferocious dinner table attack on Dean in 2014.

Sinister Yusef’s death in the B&B fire in 2011 tied for fourth place with Danny Dyer’s Christmas 2013 Walford arrival, while Trevor’s horrifying treatment of Little Mo (he shoved her face in the dinner on the big day) came sixth.

Jamie Mitchell’s death in 2002 came seventh, while Pauline Fowler’s snowy Christmas Day demise was eighth.

Den and Angie’s very own ‘Princess’ Sharon claimed ninth position with her own divorce papers, while Kat Slater and Alfie Moon’s rather happily explosive 2003 Christmas Day wedding rounded out the Top 10.

The 10 Most Explosive EastEnders Christmases since Den and Angie’s divorce papers

1. Max and Stacey’s affair is exposed (2007)

2. Archie Mitchell is murdered (2009)

3. Mick attacks Dean (2014)

4. Yusef dies in the big B&B fire (2011)

4. Mick takes over The Vic and Janine is arrested for murder (2013)

6. Trevor shoves little Mo’s face in her Christmas dinner (2001)

7. Jamie Mitchell dies (2002)

8. Pauline Fowler dies (2006)

9. Sharon signs her divorce papers and leaves after ‘Sharongate’ (1994)


10. Kat and Alife’s Christmas Wedding (2003)