Which EastEnders Christmas episode has been the most explosive since Den and Angie’s divorce papers?

We've spent many an unhappy Christmas down Walford way since 1986, but which episode is the most explosively memorable?


If you’re dreaming of a quiet Christmas then you’d best avoid Albert Square.


If there’s one thing the gang down Walford way are known for it’s having very dramatic Christmases, with numerous scandals having rocked E20 on December 25th.

It all kicked off in 1986 when Den Watts presented his wife Angie with divorce papers on the big day, setting the bar for Christmas soap entertainment pretty high.

Since then we’ve seen explosions – of both the emotional and fiery kind – death, destruction, some surprise (and often unwelcome) comebacks, as well as weddings, festive face offs and the very occasional happy Christmas Day.

But which EastEnders Christmas episode (that’s Christmas, not New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day, just in case you’re wondering why some famous episodes don’t qualify) has been the most dramatic since Den handed Ange her papers and she bolted from pub with Sharon in tow?

That’s what we want YOU to decide. We’ve knocked our soapy heads together to come up with a shortlist of some of the best Christmas episodes to ever emerge from Walford.


All you have to do to crown your winner is cast your vote below.