Here’s the website that Apprentice candidate Sarah got slated for

Interviewer Mike Soutar criticised the budding business partner for her faulty website – here's what it looked like at the time of Sarah's interview...


It happens every year in The Apprentice interview stage: a candidate is ripped apart for a huge mistake they’ve made in their current business. And this year’s unlucky contestant in the firing line: Sarah Lynn.


During her interview with publishing powerhouse Mike Soutar, he revealed there was a problem in Sarah’s online confectionery website: it didn’t work. Soutar said that although the homepage for her company (Sweets in The City) loaded, the links to other parts of the site didn’t lead anywhere – a reveal that left the usually calm Sarah a tad flustered.

So, what did that broken website look like? Visit Sweets in The City now and you’ll only see a revamped version of the site – after finishing filming the Apprentice earlier this year, Sarah took the criticism on board and ironed out her homepage, fixing all hyperlinks. And it now looks like this…

The Apprentice Sarah Lynn website

However, with the magic of the Web Archive time machine, we can see what the faulty website looked like when Soutar visited it earlier this year. Although the Sex in the City style logo remains the same, the homepage has a lot more going on, with a hand-drawn city skyline, complete with a helicopter carrying the menu banner.

You can see the site for yourself here or look at the photo below…


We would recommend looking back at the 2014 version of the site too, but it’s exactly the same. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing: the old website certainly has a childlike ‘kid in a sweetshop’ charm. It’s just a shame that none of the hyperlinks worked.

Still, at least Sarah’s interview didn’t go as bad as others…


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