The Apprentice’s Andrew Brady: I was edited to look like I swore in front of the client

The fired candidate says he didn't really drop the f-bomb during this week's poop-scooping negotiation


Apprentice candidate Andrew Brady – who was caught in Lord Sugar’s firing line with Charles Burns and Anisa Topan this week – claims he didn’t actually swear in front of a client, as depicted on the show.


During this week’s dog daycare task, the Cheshire Project Engineer was heavily criticised by Sugar after dropping the f-bomb when trying to secure a pooch poop-scooping contract with a representative from Forty Hall.

But that’s not exactly how things went down according to Brady. “I did swear, but not at the time [the editors] showed. They had the sound but they didn’t have the visual of me doing it,” he told “It wasn’t in front of the client, but it looks like it was. Well, the client was there but they couldn’t hear it because I whispered it, but they put [the audio] up.”

And if even he did make that mistake, Brady thinks he should have stayed in the process – particularly when compared to his competition. “Charles should have gone in week one and Anisa should have gone after Bruges… I was the one that didn’t deserve to go. If either of them stayed I would have kicked off! I would have run into the boardroom and smashed the place up!” he joked.

However, Brady says he learnt early on that he wasn’t going to come out top in this year’s competition: “I knew that Lord Sugar had his back up [about me]. And we wouldn’t be right for each other – I’m not right for him and he’s not right for me.”

Judging from the business plan Brady planned to use at the interview stage, that’s a fair assessment: called ‘Brady’s Bars’, his proposed venture was a mobile bar and party hosting business. “It’s about going into people’s houses and putting on a cocktail masterclass and having a team of people taking the responsibility off of the party host themselves,” he explained.

So, not only did Brady miss out on the £250,000 investment, but we’ve all been deprived of seeing Alan Sugar compering some major house parties.


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