Sajan Shah says it’s a “relief” as he’s fired from The Apprentice

The 24-year-old reveals his one regret from his time in the process in an interview with

Sajan Shah The Apprentice

Ejected Apprentice candidate Sajan Shah has said that he’s “gutted” and “genuinely upset” to have left the process – but that he also feels “relief” at Lord Sugar firing him.


Sajan was being led by Project Manager James White as Team Graphene put together a hilarious and disastrous advertising campaign for a new car that saw Sajan directing Elizabeth McKenna as she ran at a flock of chickens in a reconstructed Norman settlement. With that in mind, understandably, perhaps it wasn’t a big surprise when his team lost.

The Apprentice episode 7 2017
Elizabeth McKenna on The Apprentice 2017 (BBC)

Speaking to after he was fired, Sajan says that he “didn’t really do anything wrong” on this task.

“I’d rather have got fired for doing something completely wrong,” he explains. “But to be fired for not doing anything wrong in particular in this task it was just a big blow for me. And it kind of showed to me that Lord Sugar didn’t really see me as a business partner.”

Adding that he was “really disappointed” to have left the process as he felt like he had “so much more to give”, Sajan also said it was a relief to be out of the show.

“It was a relief in a way as well because it got to a point where I felt that Lord Sugar wasn’t my kind of business partner,” he says. “I think he’s got a very different business style to me. He’s got his traditional methods of business which are very successful, and I have the utmost respect for him. But I think outside the box.”

Sajan, who says he thought he’d have made it to the final five if he’d have survived this week, also revealed his one regret from taking part in the show – and it wasn’t dressing up as a giant bag of popcorn.

The Apprentice 2017 episode 4
The Apprentice 2017 episode 4 (Fremantle Media / BBC Pictures)

“Everyone said to me I was the joker in the house,” he says. “Even from the audition videos everyone’s said that I’m a bit different to how I come across on the show.

“But it’s very difficult to be a big personality because you can’t really jeopardise your career for TV. So it was a fine line, but I wish I’d have done [the show] again with a bit more personality. But I’ve had a great reaction from the public.”


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1.