Is this the worst advert ever made on The Apprentice?

The best way to sell a car is surely having Elizabeth run at a turkey?

The Apprentice episode 7 2017

The Apprentice advertising tasks are always ripe for a good old chuckle. The videos are usually dreadful, and the candidates often construct crazy characters like Fat Daddy or Pants Man.


But in this week’s episode, where the two teams have to come up with branding and advertising for new cars, we’re introduced to quite possibly the most over-the-top, crazy character ever to be used in an Apprentice advert: Elizabeth McKenna.

Originally, Team Graphene’s concept is advertising a family car for busy women on the go.

So how the hell does it translate on screen to Elizabeth, barefoot, running around a reconstruction of a Norman settlement and lunging at flocks of poultry?

The ludicrous sequences of events leading up to this are barmy even by Apprentice standards, with project manager James White and supposed-director Sajan Shah succumbing to some very overbearing backseat driving on the task from Elizabeth.

That said, their advert is arguably one of the highlights of the series so far. For all the wrong reasons.

If that wasn’t bad enough (it is), James hardly covers himself in glory during the pitch to industry experts as he tries to extol the virtues of the car. “Elizabeth is actually in the video herself and she is 6’2 so it just goes to show that there is a lot of space in the car.” Brilliant.

The Apprentice episode 7 2017
The Apprentice episode 7 2017 (BBC)

Elsewhere in this episode, Team Vitality – who are led by Michaela Wain despite Anisa Topan wanting to be PM again – settle on the concept of Miami for their car. Harrison Jones reckons making their ad is going to be “Jason Statham kind of stuff”, and seems rather crestfallen when he ends up in a suburban cut-de-sac in Essex.

Things don’t get much better when their dodgy advertising campaign on the London Underground results in many of the commuters they ask whilst doing their market research to conclude that their ‘Miami’ advert is for a holiday instead.

And for one – or maybe more? – of the candidates, they’re about to be given a permanent holiday by Lord Sugar when he barks “You’re Fired”.


The Apprentice airs Wednesday 15th November at 9pm on BBC1