EastEnders: Phil makes shock discovery about Willmott-Brown’s family – what happens next?

Next week's drama sees Ben find out the truth - while Kathy decides to leave!

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EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell has tonight found out that his son Ben is dating a member of Willmott-Brown’s family.


Phil made the discovery after turning up at Willmott-Brown’s house to issue the rapist with a warning. After learning that JWB had recently paid Kathy a visit, Phil told the slimy businessman that if he ever made contact with her again, he’d kill him with his bare hands.

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Thinking that he’d made himself clear, Willmott-Brown retorted that Kathy should be the least of Phil’s worries. And pretty soon, Mr Mitchell found out exactly what he meant: clapping eyes on a family photo, Phil realised that Luke Browning must be a member of the Willmott-Brown clan!

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Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Phil get lawyer Ritchie to do some digging and it’s not long before she’s confirmed that Luke is indeed Willmott-Brown’s son.

After putting Kathy in the picture, she eventually drops the bombshell on Ben that Luke’s dad raped her. Reeling from the revelations, Ben then storms off, struggling to comprehend the news. But fans can expect family loyalties to be tested when Luke tells Ben that his father would like to meet with him.

Despite initially telling his boyfriend that he isn’t interested, Ben eventually agrees to see Willmott-Brown in the flesh. But what will the twisted schemer have to say? And might Ben be swayed by his version of events?

Certainly, in the immediate aftermath of all this, Kathy decides that enough is enough and opts to leave Albert Square, saying that she can’t stay around after what has happened with Ben. But will Kath really go?

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