Claude Littner on a Segway was obviously the best thing about last night’s Apprentice

As part of the Bruges tour task, Lord Sugar's business aide was rollin' and viewers were far from hatin'


Last night’s The Apprentice saw befuddled candidates wheeling their suitcases to Bruges to offer bespoke tours and sell souvenirs.


As you’d expect, it didn’t go well, with the trainee tycoons getting lost, promising to get punters “off their nut” during a beer tasting, before eventually having to cough up massive refunds.

But the biggest talking point of the night? Claude Littner. On a Segway.

While following Team Graphene’s 90-minute Segway tour, Lord Sugar’s aide was seen trying to maintain his usual dignified composure while gliding on wheels. And it was too much for some viewers.

Littner himself also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the moment. Firstly he revealed why he wasn’t wearing the safety gear throughout the tour…

He added (in the most Claude way ever) that he actually enjoyed himself…

And he even shared some Segway-riding advice…

Unfortunately, the candidates and Littner won’t be back in Bruges for next week’s car commercial task, but fingers crossed we’ll see Lord Sugar’s aide rocking a new set of wheels.


The Apprentice continues 9pm Wednesday, BBC1