Elizabeth is playing a “character” on The Apprentice, says fired candidate Sarah-Jayne Clark

The 25-year-old says that the florist is "different" off screen as she reflects being fired by Lord Sugar


From the very first episode of this year’s Apprentice, Elizabeth McKenna has been grabbing viewers’ attention for being loud, opinionated and having some rather interesting ideas about stuff.


But now, fired candidate Sarah-Jayne Clark has said that the version of her we’re seeing on screen is different to who the real Elizabeth actually is.

“She’s different off screen to on screen,” Sarah-Jayne told RadioTimes.com after being fired from the show. “You can definitely see there’s a character that she’s playing. And you know what, if she wants to do [more TV] after – she’s getting a lot of airtime. So she’s doing it well.

“It was just too much,” she added. “The thing is, Elizabeth’s just not my cup of tea really. She’s obviously great at what she does – she’s obviously doing something right, she’s got her own business. But personality wise, just not for me.”

Sarah-Jayne, who said that she wasn’t still in touch with Elizabeth, cited both her and fired candidate Siobhan Smith as the people she found most difficult to work with whilst on the programme.

“It’s just not nice to be in an environment where you’re arguing all the time and you feel like you’re being set up,” Sarah-Jayne said of the tasks she found the hardest, picking out week 3’s robotics task and week 4’s VIP Wembley experience as the ones she found the toughest.

The Sarah-Jayne on The Apprentice week 6 week 6
Sarah-Jayne with Andrew Brady and Charles Burns on The Apprentice (BBC)

On whether she would do anything different if given her time again, Sarah-Jayne said: “I think if you shout louder you get more airtime, but then again that would be really fake because that’s not me. I’m happy with what I did and it is what it is.

“You enter the competition to win it and I was definitely in it to win it,” she continued. “But as the weeks went on I think I kind of understood that I wasn’t going to win it.”

On who she would like to see win, Sarah-Jayne picked out Sarah Lynn as a likely candidate to become Lord Sugar’s business partner. “I think she’s really consistent, an all-rounder and I think she’s got a really good business mind.”

Of the experience, Sarah-Jayne said it was “completely different to what I expected it to be. But it is a TV show at the end of the day so I guess there’s entertainment as well as business in there.”

Looking to the future, the 25-year-old reveals that she has recently got into property development and will be now pursuing that line of work after being fired by Lord Sugar.

“That’s something I’ve always want to do from when I was very young, so that’s really exciting for me.”


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday 15th November at 9pm on BBC1