Emmerdale whodunnit: 7 major clues revealed in new flashback scenes

Plus the suspects discuss their motives as the Emma Barton murder plot intensifies

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Dramatic flashback scenes in tonight’s Emmerdale shed new light on what really happened the day Emma Barton was murdered – but we’ve ended up with more questions than answers as we were only treated to teasing glimpses of what each of the suspects were up to and have so far kept hidden from the audience.


As the villagers gathered for a firework display, some of the guilty-looking locals looked wistfully at the bonfire as they recalled hitherto-unknown details about Emma’s last moments. With brand new information at our disposal, and a set of just-released interviews with each of the sinister seven to analyse, here’s our rundown of the biggest talking points following this evening’s revelations.

Moira drove past the viaduct

The new mum’s movements are a mystery between being at Butler’s and bursting into the hospital with Cain, but at some point we now know she was in a car eyeing up Emma precariously perched at the top of the viaduct. What did Moira do next?

Ross dragged Emma from a car

There was an aggressive confrontation between mother and son, presumably after it emerged Emma had killed Finn, in which furious Ross appears to be dragging her away from a car – but where to?

Pete attacked her in the house

Another violent confrontation took place with Emma’s eldest boy in what looks to be the Bartons’ house. Pete’s flipped at a family member before and left them for dead when he beat up Ross – did history repeat itself?

Who nearly ran over Laurel?

It’s been confirmed Laurel Thomas lied about being out of town at the time of the murder. Her flashback shows her by a taxi (was she getting in or out?) and almost being run over by an erratically-driven car. Where had she been, or where was she going? And who was behind the wheel of the car – Moira driving to the viaduct?

Cain had a crowbar

Wearing his best brooding expression sitting in a parked car, Cain had a crowbar and is clearly intent on using it. Maybe he was driving the car that sped past Laurel as he went to confront the woman who stole his baby?

Adam’s got the suicide note

So that’s where it went. We saw Emma pen a letter explaining her actions as she left baby Isaac safely in the church, but the note hasn’t been seen since and wasn’t with the rest of her belongings. Adam recalls reading it, but how did it come to be in his possession? And does he still have it?

Gabby hasn’t had a flashback – yet 

We also discovered this week Gabby Thomas kept hold of the memory card with the incriminating footage of Emma tormenting Ashley. That was seemingly all cleared up with the cops, but she’s still in the frame – however, is the absence of a flashback for the teen (so far) significant? She was the only suspect not to get one round the bonfire… What are Emmerdale holding back?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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