Fired Apprentice candidate Ross Fretten: I was edited to “look a bit of a moron” in last week’s episode

The exiting candidate reflects on the moment that was portrayed rather differently on screen to reality

Ross Fretten on The Apprentice 2018

The Apprentice candidate Ross Fretten has revealed that during episode four’s task at Wembley, he was edited to “look like a bit of a moron”.


“When I watched it back last week, admittedly it made me look a bit of a moron,” Ross tells “It wasn’t how it went down at all.”

During the task in which the candidates had to lay on hospitality boxes for VIPs at the Women’s FA Cup Final, we saw Ross enter into negotiations with the client which started at a price of £6,100 before he rapidly dropped down to £4,800 and then £1,720, prompting Michaela Wain to step in and say “no, no”.

“I went in and led negotiations and came out with the maximum the client could offer,” Ross tells us. “Andrew who was Project Manager insisted that we go in at £6,000 but the client only had up to £2,500 to give us.

The Apprentice episode 4 2017
The Apprentice (BBC)

“It wasn’t quite as beautifully done as I would have liked, but through a little bit of shifting things around I led the negotiations and got £2,500 – the maximum that we were able to get, despite Andrew setting us up for failure with that hideous £6,000 figure.

“Anyway I was the one who led the negotiations and got the most out of the client, but actually when I watched the episode it looks very much like I’m bumbling my way through and don’t know what I’m doing. In the boardroom Lord Sugar said I came in at £1,700, but in reality when I mentioned £1,700 it was because I was doing maths out loud.”

Ross also said he was “slightly disappointed” and “slightly embarrassed” about being fired during the fifth task as he was “pretty confident of getting through to the final five and I think my performance in the first four weeks solidified me as a final five candidate, definitely.

“I didn’t really screw anything up, ever, and I think that’s why I haven’t been the most prominent person this year,” he said. “I genuinely haven’t really been responsible for any of that – I’ve been a generally solid performer. So to go out as early as week five, it was quite unexpected and quite embarrassing.”


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1.