The 10 spookiest Doctor Who episodes to watch on Halloween – as voted for by YOU

We asked the fans to rank the scariest episodes of all time and here's what made their Wholloween watch list

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8. World Enough and Time (2017)

A spaceship that is trapped in the gravity well of a black hole harbours one of the Doctor’s most feared enemies – and his visit to the ship costs him dearly.

Isabella Robinson picked World Enough and Time for its “horrifyingly desperate and hopeless atmosphere”.

“It differs from a lot of other episodes because it’s not scary because of a monster,” she wrote, “and that ‘kill me’ scene is enough alone to give me goosebumps.”

“World Enough and Time was the best season 10 episode, one of the best ever, and one of the scariest,” says Radek Piskorski.

And Fionntain Toberman thinks it’s the spookiest “because we will eventually become Cybermen”.


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