The 10 spookiest Doctor Who episodes to watch on Halloween – as voted for by YOU

We asked the fans to rank the scariest episodes of all time and here's what made their Wholloween watch list

1. Blink (2007)

This Doctor-lite episode follows the attempts of a young woman called Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan) evade the clutches of the quantum-locked Weeping Angels. It was an instant hit and has remained a firm fan favourite.


“So many incredibly strong pieces of drama have been written for Doctor Who during the past decade, by some of the most talented writers working in television today, but Blink looms head and shoulders above them like a chilly, impassive monolith,” says resident Radio Times Doctor Who expert Patrick Mulkern.

“Not only did it introduce those dead-eyed, creeping stone creatures, the Weeping Angels, it also gave us the gorgeous Carey Mulligan – just before she was famous – as the intrepid Sally Sparrow. Blink appealed to people who don’t even like the programme. It was the first Doctor Who to give me the shudders since I was a child in the 1970s – and I jumped out of my skin when Sally and Larry looked up and saw an Angel’s frozen, snarling face for the first time.”

“I loved the whole time slip story,” says Caroline Mead. “It was amazing and so intricate; it needed real concentration to get my head around it. The angels were terrifying – I was literally holding my breath and afraid to blink!”

“The Weeping Angels are truly terrifying,” agrees Rochelle Bisson. “It’s difficult to trust something when you can’t see its movements and that’s what makes it scary!”

“It’s so terrifying,” adds Matthew Bates. “Gave me nightmares for weeks when I first watched it.”

And Meg Adams says, “It still freaks me out”.


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