Who is Bob Newby in Stranger Things 2?

Everything you need to know about the new character played by Lord of the Rings actor and former Goonies child star Sean Astin

Sean Astin Stranger Things

Stranger Things 2 new characters guide: Who is Bob Newby?

Think of Bob as a grown-up version of the Stranger Things kids: he’s a kind-hearted former nerd, who ended up running the Hawkins RadioShack.


Actually, better not think about him that way – at the start of season two he’s dating Will’s mum, Joyce Byers.

And although that means he’s standing in the way of a Joyce/Jim Hopper romance, it could be that he turns into a fan favourite. Speaking to Screenrant, producer/director Shawn Levy said, “He’s kind of going to be the Barb of Season 2”.

In fact, he could become bigger than Barb due to his sizeable role, according to Levy: “His part is substantially bigger. He’s in a lot of episodes. He is magnificent… I love Bob. I think other people will too.”

Who plays Bob Newby in Stranger Things?

Sean Astin. You probably know him as hobbit Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. But before boiling a potato broth for Frodo, Astin played Mikey in 1985 hit The Goonies, a film that followed a group of kids as they embark on a mysterious adventure.

Although the plot of The Goonies and Stranger Things are very different (The Goonies unearth a hidden treasure trove instead of a bald telekinetic), but the spirit of the two is very close.

“Holy technique Batman. You’re really getting the hang of it.”

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Through the years, Astin has also starred in 24 and has lent his voice to the Justice League and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons.

Meet the cast of Stranger Things 2

Eleven – Millie Bobby Brown

stranger things eleven

Mike Wheeler – Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard in Stranger Things 2 (Netflix, HF)

Will Byers – Noah Schnapp

Will Stranger Things

Dustin Henderson – Gaten Matarazzo

Dustin Stranger Things

Lucas Sinclair – Caleb McLaughlin

Stranger Things Lucas

Chief Jim Hopper – David Harbour

Jim Hopper in Stranger Things (Netflix, JG)

Joyce Byers – Winona Ryder

Stranger Things Joyce

Jonathan Byers – Charlie Heaton

Stranger Things 2 Jonathan

Nancy Wheeler – Natalia Dyer

Nancy Wheeler Stranger Things

Steve Harrington – Joe Keery

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things Netflix, JG)

New for Stranger Things 2…

Max – Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things 2 (Netflix, JG)

Bob Newby – Sean Astin

Sean Astin Stranger Things

Billy – Dacre Montgomery

Dacre Montgomery as Billy in Stranger Things (Netflix, TL)

Roman – Linnea Berthelsen

Stranger Things 2 poster (Netflix, JG)