EastEnders: who has Ted Murray just shot?

Have you guessed the identity of the victim?


EastEnders viewers have been left in need of answers tonight after Ted Murray took aim at a resident of Albert Square.


Fans have yet to discover the identity of the victim, with the person who took the bullet having remained in shadow at the climax of this evening’s episode.

All we saw was a shot ring out, a bullet hole crack the glass of the glass and the injured party falling through the doorway and into the room. Who it actually is remains a mystery.


In the run-up to the pivotal moment, Ted was seen fretting that the gas explosion that has rocked Walford would result in burglars returning to the Murrays’ home following their recent robbery.

Wife Joyce – who has obviously seen Ted buckle under pressure in the past – tried to calm him down, especially when he started waving a gun about.

And it seems that her concerns were well-founded, what with Ted having now fired a shot in panic.

Recent paparazzi pictures saw Johnny Carter being stretchered off in an ambulance, all of which suggests that he could be the unlucky caller.

However, members of the Taylor clan were last seen chasing around the neighbourhood searching for their pet dog Bronson. Could one of that family now be lying injured on the Murrays’ floor?

All will be revealed when EastEnders returns on Thursday at 7.30pm, BBC1.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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